Insulate your attic:
save on your Xcel bill,
save the planet!

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All Tucked Insulation was founded on a single, simple idea: 
offer the owners of existing homes an affordable, eco-friendly attic insulation service and thus significantly increase the home's efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint...  as we repeat this thousands of times, we can start to make a real difference.  
So many companies just "blow and go," but we are trained professionals with a BPI certified energy auditor on staff, and we take the time to seal the openings in your attic floor, and that keeps the treated air in your home where it belongs, as insulation alone does NOT stop air flow.  Don't hire an uninsured "Chuck-in-a-truck" or a down-on-their-luck landscaping company to just blow insulation around up there: what a wasted opportunity to get it sealed it up right... and there goes all the money you thought you had "saved!"
Because we have relatively low overhead, we can offer a complete, professional job for not much more than what it would costs to do-it-yourself, and we do it in a fraction of the time and with no mess left for you to clean up.  Plus, we are insured&licensed, we can alert you to any other problems we might find, and we can often suggest improvements that can save you even more money down the road.  
Estimates are always free in Denver, we have plenty of great reviews all over the web, and we can usually be in and out of your home in just a couple of hours!

***We are proud to be an exclusively qualified insulation contractor in Denver for the Xcel rebate, and here is where they are at with it as of now:

As of december 1 through the end of march 2015, the xcel attic insulation rebate has been bumped up to 30%/$500 max(!!), and thus now is a much better looking proposition than it had been. here's the kicker, though: there is required pre- & post-work blower door testing, as well as a carbon monoxide safety test (aka a "CAZ test") that our certified energy auditor must come out to perform. these things have added cost to our bids and they do not go quickly, but unfortunately, they are not optional items, because xcel will only offer the rebate contingent on seeing a 10% drop in the overall leakiness of your home... and not getting that drop means no money back.

to be clear: if your home does not have a lot of openings&chases&stuff for us to seal up in the attic to begin with, then a chance exists that a 10% drop in overall leakiness may not be achieved and while you will get the comfort of having the above-mentioned CO safety testing completed, you'll get nothing back from them. most rebates just require a simple purchase, but this one is contingent and while we seal up everything we find that is open to your attic from below, we cannot and do not guarantee that it will add up to a 10% drop. once we are done with the work, full payment of the invoice is due and then the included post-work testing will determine if you get the rebate money back or not. while we are proud to say that almost all of our customers end up qualifying, before we head down this path i want to make sure you understand that despite our best efforts, you may not.

as a business owner who gets along great with my customers, i despise the contingent aspect of it-i want everything black or white-but in this case (other than fudging the blower door numbers or trying to tack the rebate $$onto the bid and then simply giving it back at the end, every time) there is no way to keep prices reasonable and stay honest and guarantee it for every home.

by all means, let me know if you have questions, and remember that the most important thing is getting your attic insulated, rebate or not!


We support our community!  We work with and donate to Groundwork Denver, a non-profit that provides weatherization and insulation for low-income families(plus they do lots of other great stuff!)
Office Phone:  303.433.0935  

We just need 5 quick pieces of info, so please include 1. your address or at least your neighborhood/geographical area, 2. the size of the attic, 3. approx. current insulation thickness&type, 4. the number of recessed (aka "can") lights that are in the ceiling, and 5. the number of soffit vents around the perimeter of your attic floor.  From there we'll work up an accurate quote-after 6 years of doing this, we know Denver attics!  For complicated jobs, we are more than happy to provide a bid in person, of course.
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